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johnsonfamHappy Earth Pest Control was founded by Cody Johnson in 2014 and has since moved to Waco, Tx. It was founded under the premise to revolutionize the pest industry through innovating healthier and effective solutions. Cody believed that because homes and business are different one from the other. They all have different environmental and structural differences. For example, soil is often different on one side of town than the other which can attract different types of pests. For this reason homes should be treated case by case and a proper inspection will identify the needs of each home. Cody wanted to create a service that would keep in mind those that live and work in the homes and buildings he services.

After managing for some of the largest pest companies in the nation Cody witnessed over-application of chemicals in areas that were unnecessary and that would negatively affect those that live and work there. For this reason he founded Happy Earth Pest Control. He developed a system that would use a combination of innovative-natural and conventional products along with methods that think “out side the box” to effectively eliminate pests in a smarter and healthier way.

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