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At HappyEarth we do more than most to insure you’re happy. Our standard residential service includes the following:


  • Perimeter over hang sweep of spider webbing and wasp nests.
  • Inspection of full yard from front curb to back fence line.
  • Following inspection we then treat perimeter and yard.
  • A granule treatment is applied to shrub, stone and fence line areas.
  • Fire ant mounds are soaked and eliminated with a rod that is sent into mound.

Spider and wasp removal sweep.

Spider and wasp removal sweep.

Garage after

Garage after

 Garage Before

Garage Before


  • Garage spider web sweep and perimeter treatment.
  • Interior base board treatment.
  • Plumbing entry points under sinks.
  • Appliance areas

Using Natural and Conventional Products

We’re proud to use a combination of natural and conventional professional products. We use natural products wherever possible.

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